Munster Raving Loony-ness

What a blast we had at Munster Raving Loony Party in Spain earlier this month. We were dead excited as it was our first trip out of the UK.  Fifteen of us, ukuleles stuffed in our handbags, headed out to Tarragona to enjoy three days of garage punk and rock’n’roll in a beautiful setting on the Spanish coast. We discovered loads of brilliant bands, and as this year’s festival was ‘The Bearded Lady Edition’, nearly all of them had at least one female member which of course we loved. Highlights were Cheating Hearts, Las Marlenes, The Jackets and Thee Jezebels and we got to swim in the pool and sea, make loads of new friends and generally hang out drinking booze, which is what we do best.

Big thanks to Daz and his crew for putting on an amazing fun-packed weekend and inviting us to play. Thanks to The X-Men for lending us their bass.

These fab photos are by Georgie Grainger from

Lorna’s did one of her ace drawings (more of them here) of us….

Lorna Munster Raving

And thank you to Steven Tagg-Randall for capturing our second set on film…

Anyway, we totally recommend that you get yourself to this festival next year, cos you will have a wonderful time.