Iconic Punk Art

Photography: Diana More
Design: Lorna Tiefholz

As a tribute to the bands who changed our lives, we recreated 12 iconic punk album sleeves and made them into an amazingly brilliant 2012 calendar. The sleeves show the pUKEs in similar poses to the original band members.

We play covers of punk songs, and thought it would be fun to have a go at the sleeve art too. Albums that have been ‘pUKEd’ include The Clash’s London Calling, Blondie’s Parallel Lines, the Damned and the Ramones’ first albums and Germ Free Adolescents by Xray Spex. The calendar is dedicated to the bands who have inspired us, influenced us, challenged us and given us so many fun times over the years.

The photos were taken on location around London and in the studio of official pUKEs photographer Diana More. pUKE member, graphic designer and all round cool chick Lorna Tiefholz took care of the artwork and layout.

We had exhibitions of the sleeves at Filthy MacNasty’s in London and Norwich Arts Centre. The exhbitions were sponsored by Art Vinyl, who kindly lent us their awesome frames.