Highlights of 2015

Yup! It’s that time again when we look back at the year that’s just flown by at a crazy speed, marvelling at the Pukey shenanigans that have come our way.

January started off a bit shitty. This charmingly customised sticker was spotted in the blokes’ bogs in The 12 Bar Club on Denmark Street in London. Yes, that’s actual shit. On the up side, if we ever do a GG Allen cover we can use this as the cover art. We were very sad to see the 12 Bar close down this year. We’ve played some of our favourite gigs there and will miss that tiny stage, those stinky toilets and the various characters that rocked the stage or propped up the bar. Just hope our mystery artist washed his hands after.















We played our first gig of the year in February, our Never Fallen in Love Valentine’s party with our good friends Uke Punk and Joykiller at The Sebright Arms in East London. It was a fun-packed night complete with a raffle, cupcakes and general love-themed buffoonery.

We hired a mini-bus, installed our driver and tour guide Paul Redfern behind the wheel, and headed off to play a weekend of gigs in GATESHEAD Black Bull, EDINBURGH Punk For Pam Festival and NORWICH Owl Sanctuary. Paul does like to take us the scenic route, so we were dead pleased to get a running commentary of all the lovely scenery and interesting attractions along the way, which only added a few hours to journey. Discovering that my iPhone Google Map app was set to walking instead of driving several miles into the journey made it all the more fun.

march 1 march 3 march 2

Also in March we discovered Mr Kerr, the coolest art teacher on the planet. Mr Kerr contacted us to say that he had played our first 7″ to the kids and showed them the sleeve. They all picked their favourite Puke and some of them said they wished they were a Puke. This inspired these brill stencils on old 7″s. Mr Kerr came to see us at Rebellion and gave us the stencils, which now have pride of place in our homes.

wish i was

More gig action at WAKEFIELD Hop Punk Ska & Ale Festival, LEAMINGTON SPA Go On Punk Make My Day Festival and LONDON’s Borderline. Here’s us hanging outside Tammy Wynette’s dressing room trailer at the Assembly Rooms in Leamington.

tammy make my day

An important moment in Puke history – our first gig out of the UK. We were chuffed to be invited to play The Munster Raving Loony Party in Terragona, Spain. Set in a beautiful coastal location, this was a really fun and unique festival where we got to see loads of cool garage punk bands, nearly all of who had females in their line-up. Brilliant to see a promoter championing female musicians and a refreshing change. Photos by Georgie Grainger, illustration by Lorna Tiefholtz.

In June we started work on writing  some new original songs, one of which we recorded later in the year during the Exmas session. London City Lights was written by Chris Lloyd and went down well when we played in live in December. We’ll be saving it for the next album, or maybe a 7″….watch this space!

Another trip abroad, this time to Germany, the highlight of which was Hamburg playing the opening game of St Pauli FC’s season. This was a massive honour and an unforgettable experience, and we followed it up with a great gig at Monkeys Music Club, where we met some good friends and made new ones too. We love Hamburg!

St Pauli FC crowd

St Pauli FC crowd

We made a tour-diary video where you can see all the other fun and games we had in Germany. Can’t wait to head back later this month. Thank you to Nico and Subkultura Booking for making this happen.

Rebellion Festival is always one our year’s highlights and 2015 was better than ever. We created the Part Time Pukes Pop Up Band – a big jam where anyone could join in on an instrument and improvise versions of well-known punk songs. Around 30 punks joined in playing horns, trumpets, drums, ukes, guitars and voice – it was an absolute blast.

We made a video of all the other stuff we got up to over the weekend (yes, we rather fancied ourselves as video makers this year!)

The first session of recording our Christmas single Exmas took place on the hottest day of August at Pat Collier’s south London studio, and in September we returned to add the backing vocals, sleigh bells and other final touches. We also had a photo shoot with the wonderfully talented Mark Richards.

This was the month we filmed our Christmas single video with Paul Thompson and Dani Glautz. Unfortunately, our acting was so good that the landlord of the pub where the shoot took place thought we were actually passed out drunk and out of control in his boozer and we got chucked out before we were able to film the final scenes. Never a dull moment in Puke land! Esme was glorious playing the role of Mum and Paul kept us entertained as Aunty May. Photos by Dee Dee Puke.

We got some nice media coverage for Exmas from Vive le Rock magazine, as well as blogs and radio stations. Thanks for your support Del Strangefish, Dave Renegade, Barry Maz and everyone else who wrote or talked about us.

vive le rock

Vive le Rock’s key tracks page

You can read the Got A Ukulele Review here.

This was the month we finally released Exmas, which we’d been working on since August. Proceeds from the downloads are going to Rock ‘N’ Roll Rescue charity which helps disadvantaged folk in London. We released the track at a sold-out gig at The Dublin Castle. Check out the video if you’ve not seen it yet.

There’s still time to download the track if you’d like to support Rock ‘N’ Roll Rescue.


It was also the month for our annual Christmas knees-up with the legendary and inexhaustible Bad Manners. We played two shows at Under The Bridge in LONDON (the first one sold out within a couple of weeks), BRIGHTON Concorde and NORWICH Epic.

PHEW! That was a lot of Puking!

A genuine and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported us this year – that’s everyone who’s come to a gig, bought a shirt, watched a video – and especially our long-suffering partners who help with the merch, drive us to gigs, carry stuff, bring the party, etc, etc.

Lots of love and a happy new year to you all!